Friday, October 22, 2010

Things We're Going to Miss When They're Gone

I've seen a couple of different articles about this on different topics. It got me to thinking though about what I'll miss when it's gone.

1. Letters - A pretty piece of stationery and some eloquent penmanship. Ohhh I love stationery and beautiful penmanship.

2. Incandescent light bulbs - Did you know GE shut down the last plant that makes incandescent light bulbs. All you can get are the compact flourescent light bulbs. Sad! Edison and/or his counterpart Swan whichever man you believed actually invented the light bulb first is I'm sure rolling over in his grave!

3. Newspapers/Books - It's only a matter of time (I hope I am wrong) before everything is on the computer. No paper books, no newspapers. Can you imagine. Now, I'm just as guilty as the next guy. I belong to an audible book club, however, I still regularly visit my Barnes & Noble to buy books to read and quilt/sewing books, because there's just something about holding that tangible hardbound story in your hand.

4. No sex before marriage. Sorry guys I don't like it and I miss the fact that it's okay for people not to have sex before they're married. It drives me crazy when I tell people that I've only made love with Martin and they look at me like I have two heads. There are many reasons that we are meant to be with one person. Not that I'm's just my feeling/opinion.

5. Unconnectivity - Dunno if that's a word, but what I mean is we're constantly connected to the...the WORLD. I remember when Martin and I didn't even have a TV. I went outside and dug in the dirt with William and played barbies with Sarah. We read and did puzzles and all sorts of fun stuff.

Which brings me to...

6. Time - All of these gadgets and gizmos that are sold to us to save time. What do you do with all that time you're saving? Sit on the internet, watch TV? We don't have time to just be quiet and do stuff that's good for our souls. Pray, sew, sit, talk, play cards or put together a puzzle. do you spend yours?

That's my two cents...for what it's worth.

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Roni said...

Patty Ana - I absolutely love this! What a wonderful thing, I will have to put some thought to this as well and see if my list is the same, I'm thinking it will be very similar for sure!

Love ya bunches - Roni Lee