Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nervous Nellies

Today we're talking about Nellies! Nervous Nellies. My mom was 40 when she had me so pretty much as soon as I was cognizant enough to take notice of anything other than my well being I realized how worked up my mom would get. She would worry if I went to the mailbox by myself, if someone wanted me to ride a skateboard, she'd get worked up if she couldn't find the frog-eye sprinkler head. At the time, I didn't understand that the reason you get worked up when you're older is that you realize how difficult things can be and how quickly they can turn sour. You have experience enough to know that happiness is momentary and can fly away just as quickly as it got there. I have a lady at work who came up to me this morning and said she didn't sleep last night. I asked why. She said the insurance is changing and it's going to be more money. At first, I was thinking 'big deal' but then I realized to an older person who's hubby is retired and you are the only one working that just may be a big deal. I reminder her that her house is paid for and her hubby is stellar at savings. He's got two car's worth of savings socked away when their cars give out. She said, "But when you haven't earmarked that savings for medical." She's right. So, I told her gently "Don't worry." That is a case of 'easy for me to say.'

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