Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Have Husband Butt!

With the close of 2012 I, as most of the world, have been going through some self reflection.  I realized that I love to work in my craft room.  Love sewing, crocheting and knitting and what not.  However, the second my husband gets home and we eat dinner...down we sit in the matching chairs in the living room.  Fortunately, we have the same schedules and he gets home roughly 45 minutes after me.  So I have dinner on the table and we eat and then plop we go into the chairs.  From time to time he golfs which gives me time in my sewing room.  I am trying to turn over a new leaf and get something done this year so that by the time Christmas gets here, which will come all too soon, I will have something to show for my sitting in my mama chair.  I'm hoping I can get enough time at the beginning of this year to organize projects to sew in my chair and projects I can work on in the sewing room when he's gone.  Of course, there are never a shortage of projects which is a good thing!  Here's to a productive 2013!  Happy New Year everyone!


Nonny said...

I can become so busy!! I wish I had more time to craft and sew also. :o)

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Lisa said...

They say recognizing the problem is halfway to curing it. Or something like that.

I did chuckle at "Husband Butt". I might have something similar. Normally Hubby works "second shift" in his garage next door. But some nights he comes in early and I feel obliged to spend that time with him watching TV, instead of whatever else I had planned for the evening.

Makes me think.......

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