Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Okay Here's the Deal

I always intend to sew and craft when I get home from work. The issue is when Martin gets home, I just want to sit with him. If he's out and about doing things I'm okay with going into the sewing room and sewing. When he comes in though...out my butt goes to plop in my chair. On the weekends I am more apt to be in my sewing room, but these days our weekends are so busy I'm not even home. I have a quilt I need to cut out, I haven't been able to because he's been home. I'm hoping to get something done. I have a lot of Christmas gifts I'm working on, but not getting done. HELP!!!!


Lana said...

I have this same problem!! When the hubs is home, I just wanna spend time with him. Can you maybe take your sewing out with you while you sit with him? I sometimes do that, will stitch while we watch TV or something! Good luck!

B Holli said...

Give him some scissors and a big grin!!!!!!

Ana's World said...

Lana: Thanks!! Good idea. I usually carry out my knitting and my crochet. So, at least that stuff I can get done.

B: I'm going to give that a try! LOL!